Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fevers and more fevers.....

For all of you Mia followers I thought I'd give a little update. Overall not much changes with Mia. She just gets a little bigger and cuter. Midweek last week she was having fevers and by Friday night they had not improved and she had to once again be admitted to Children's Hospital. Luckily she did not have to stay the night but it's always a little traumatic and scary for her mom and dad when she has to be taken in. I saw her Weds night and could tell she wasn't feeling great as she is usually so happy and smiley and she wasn't really displaying that. It's awful to know she's uncomfortable and yet at the same time amazing to think how far she's come. She still has some battles to overcome (i.e. the feeding tube) but she is a fighter and will win these battles. This first pic is a little sad but it was also so cute I had to include it. Please keep Mia in your prayers.
Feel better Mees! We love you.