Saturday, October 11, 2008

3 Months Old

Mia turned 3 months old. Sadly she is still in ICU waiting, waiting waiting. Not too much has changed, still good days and bad days, but here are some excerpts from her family's blog...... Well the strongest little baby on the planet turned 3 months old. She has been such a trooper the last couple weeks. This last week has been kind of a roller coaster. Mia continues to spike a fever twice every day. The nurses culture her over and over, but nothing ever turns up positive. The last couple days ID (infections disease) has been running all sorts of labs. Mia had her first CT scan, which came back clean. They did discover however that she has blood clots in her right leg. This was caused by the two different caths she had the first weeks of life.
Three days ago they did an ulrasound on her head to determine if she had a stroke. What??? yes, I know! I pretty much felt the tissue in my own heart ripping when they mentioned it. Mia had been so lifeless the two days prior, and she usually has so much fight in her. I was really concerned because her spunk was gone. They gave her some narcan, and she woke up more after that. Apparently her kidneys are having a difficult time with all of the medications that help sedate her. All of her tests for viruses and infections came back negative. They have no idea why she has this continual fever. I guess sometimes babies with severe heart failure just have fevers. So for now, they are just blaming the failing heart. One of the transplant cardiologists is concerned because if they are missing something and they transplant her, it would be very detrimental due to the overloading of immuno-suppressants given post transplant On a lighter note- she now has a cute little squeal she does instead of cry. Because she never feels good (high fevers) she gives us little shout outs to let us know. Before she would strait up scream, now she just has a girly squeal.I have been trying to get her to smile at me. Developmentally she will be behind, but I can't wait for her to look up at me and smile. She will open her mouth up really wide when I play with her, but I don't consider it a smile. She smiles a lot in her sleep (air in the tummy) but nothing due to all of my antics. A big smile is coming soon I can feel it... just like her heart!!I have a renewed hope and faith for my little one.

Mia continues to fight and I know everyone's thoughts and prayers are helping her and her family! Thanks for all everyone has done and continues to do for the McDonald Family.


The Butcher Family said...

We continue to pray for Mia! She is so beautiful...we love seeing new photos of her.
May the Lord continue to renew your spirit and sustain your hope in you wait with your daughter.

Blessings & love to you~ Rebecca

curly girl said...

I'm glad for an update, even if it doesn't yet contain good news of a heart for Mia. She is so precious and she, and the entire family, are all in my heart and prayers.

Hilary said...

Hang in there, the wait is so hard. Just take it an hour, day, or even minute at a time. Sending you our thoughts and prayers. Much love, Hilary Cook-mommy to Daxton-heart transplant

Erin said...

I am so sorry that you are going through this, I wish there was something we could do. Continue to be strong for her and I know that heavenly father will continue to take care of her. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Trevor and Shannon said...

I came across this blog through a friend. I know John and Mimi I will pray for your little girl and donate what I can. I will send this link to everyone I know. I am praying for a miracle.