Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Precious Mia

Here are some updated pictures of Mia. You can see she is nasally intubated which allows her to suck on her binkie which she enjoys. In a nutshell, Mia is doing alright. She has been spiking fevers again and her cultures continue to come back negative. They will continue to culture her to make sure they are not missing anything and/or that she doesn't have a line infection. She was very agitated this morning and was inconsolable. It's so sad to see that she is crying and upset but not be able to hear it due to the intubation tube. Mimi was thinking she had a tummy ache and sure enough as soon as she "passed some gas" she was much better. Her heart rate slowed again and she was able to rest. Mia is lucky to have a mommy who is so in tune with her and her needs. Mia is still not able to be held much if at all right now (due to the intubation) but she gets lots of love from looks and pats. Mia continues to receive morphine and ativan to help keep her comfortable. How nice it will be when just having her mommy's arms around her will be all the comfort she needs.

Mia has been waiting for over 90 days for a heart. It's so hard to watch her pain and suffering. We hope with all our hoping power her wait will not continue for another 90 days. Her parents have talked about listing her on the donor list in other states/regions but unfortunately they would have to have $450,000 upfront to cover the cost of the surgery, which they obviously don't have just laying around. Who does right?!
Mia is fighting to survive with all she has and I know we all sincerely hope and pray that one day very soon she will begin fighting to heal instead of just survive!
We love you Mia!


The Butcher Family said...

What a beautiful baby girl...she is in our prayers daily.

Love and prayers of hope and patience~ Rebecca

Jr, Suzie, Cole, Cruz, and Lindsay Dean said...

Praying...Praying.....for her to feel better, for her to get her heart, and for the rest of you to finally get the peace that you all deserve. Praying....Praying......Just love and cuddle as much as possible!
Heart hugs and love always~
Suzie and Lindsay

curly girl said...

What a fighter. Love and prayers to the whole family!

Diana & CJ said...

I know I;ve never been super close to you guiys but I just wanted you to know that I love you guys! This might be a stupid question but how to I add Mia's button to my page?