Monday, January 5, 2009

Mia was back in the hospital.

Unfortunately after Mia's appointment on Friday she had to be readmitted to the hospital. Fortunately it wasn't too major...her sodium levels were lower than they should be so they kept her over the weekend to give her some supplements until the sodium levels improved. I know it was hard for Mimi to back there with Mia but Mimi did say Mia is doing great I believe they got discharged yesterday. All in all she doing well. Hopefully all her levels will soon get balanced so there will be no more hospital stays. Thanks for everyone's continued support and checking up on Mia!
Picture of Mia enjoying the baby swing!
A late congratulations to Stephanie, who was the winner of the necklace giveaway!

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Evie's Story said...

We are faithful Mia "blog-stalkers". These "sweet hearts" have become precious to us after our little one was born with a CHD. So sorry for you all to have another scare. Glad she is stabilizing and we pray she will be back to feeling herself soon. You all amaze us by your grace and strength through such an ordeal. May the Lord receive all the glory for healing her and may she grow to bring him praise! Blessings Mimi on your beautiful family!