Sunday, September 21, 2008

Patiently Waiting

Mia is still waiting for her new heart but seems to be doing pretty well in the meantime. She is gaining weight (she's up to about 8 1/2 lbs now) which is a bonus as that means the doctors are able to keep her body successfully functioning while enduring heart failure and being bigger may open up the door to more heart possibilities. Please pray her body will continue to remain stable and that a donor possibility will present itself very soon!
Thanks to everyone involved in the bake sale. So much work was put into it and it was definitely a success! There were so many creative and delicious looking goods that were donated and so many willing buyers and others who donated money without receiving a treat just to help out! Just a few pictures. It was hard to get all the tables in one shot as there was so much stuff!

I'm grateful and I know the McDonald's are as well that the YMCA allowed the sale to be held there and for everyone that supported it!

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curly girl said...

We first "met" Baby Mia through this bake sale and I find myself thinking about and praying for her (and her family) all the time. I was lucky enough to be on a "field trip" with Mia's big bro and sis last Friday. What beautiful kids, and it is my deepest hope that the McDonald family can feel our love, hope, and prayers, and that this ordeal will come to an end soon with a new heart for sweet baby Mia.

It hasn't been brought up, but this is a great reminder for us to discuss organ donation with our families. My 9 yr old was pretty wide-eyed as she put it all together, "But if baby Mia gets a new heart, that means somebody else has to die." I said, "Yes, but it also means that the donor's heart can go on living, and that something miraculous can come out of a tragedy." She was getting a little too serious, so I said, "Besides, it's recycling at it's best!" and she laughed. Seriously, though, it's a conversation we all need to have with our loved ones, isn't it?!

Here's to love, faith, prayer...and miracles.