Friday, September 12, 2008


Mia had a tough day yesterday. Her central line (which administers her all her meds) seemed to not be working quite like it should so she went into surgery to have a new one put in. They decided to put one directly into her heart through her superior vena cava. That was a lil' upsetting as they hoped to preserve her heart as best they could for the transplant. They also put a temporary line through her groin while they were installing the permenant line in her heart so now she has two good functioning lines. At one point when they thought her central line wasn't working they shaved the top and sides of her head to try and get an IV through her head. That attempt failed and they ended up getting one in her arm but as you can imagine her mommy is not so thrilled about the head shaving. That was the straw on the camel's back. Mia and Mimi are so strong and such fighters but this ordeal is wearing down even the best of them. Mimi and I went to the temple and I hope Mimi was able to feel some comfort and peace and gain some more strength back. They are both amazing and share such a special bond. We pray that Mia's wait for her heart will be over shortly and she will be growing and laughing and playing at home very soon!
Mia before her new haircut!

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