Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Look at all our visitors

I thought it would be interesting to show everyone the wide scope of our visitors. The black dots indicate an area where people have viewed this blog. As you can see most of our visits are in the United States but we have had some from England and Australia! It's great to see how people all over the world are reading about Baby Mia and hopefully that will increase as our site continues to be shared by others. Thanks again to all that have donated. Even $1 can make a difference. Here is an update written by her mommy and a recent picture of Mia with her stylin' cowboy belt from her Papa:
"My little darlin is holding strong. She has had a rough couple days. Her finger tips are purple, she is breathing really fast, and she is really uncomfortable. She is still tolerating her feeds which is more than the doctors expect from her. For some reason she spikes a fever every day. Her heart rate is continually in the 200's- mostly when she is really mad. She is still on C-Pap, but is tolerating it less so they leave her off. Her kidney function or BUN level was at 53- which if you are like me and don't know much about BUNS- it is really high for an infant. She should be in the single digits. They have her on a continual morphine drip to help with her discomfort. Some times this is not enough and she still has to have bolus doses to help her sleep. Her liver is also very large due to all of the heart medications. She is currently on four heart medications along with a bunch of other meds that help maintain her little body.
In summary- we're not doing so hot. I keep having dreams that she receives her new heart. Some days I feel like I am being tortured (watching her go through all of this), but most days I am just grateful to be here and to be her mom."
Please keep lil' Mia and Mimi in your prayers. I know it's hard for Mimi to be away from the rest of her family, but even from far away she is a wondeful mommy to her other children. We are prayerful that Mia will receive her new heart soon and she can start the road to a healthy recovery and a new chance at life!


Amy said...

Hi there-been thinking a lot about your family lately. Your strength is amazing. You're in our thoughts & prayers. Amy (Finley) Bruce, Jason & Isaac

Me said...

Tonight I became aware and have prayed that each of you may have some moments of peace and even joy and especially rest in the coming days. I know that the Lord hears you and knows each of you and how you feel. I have also prayed that He will send His love to you. I plan to continue praying for you in specific ways. Please keep us updated.

Comfort to you,