Friday, August 22, 2008

Sweet Baby Mia

Here are some new pictures of Mia. She continues to wait patiently for her new heart. Lil' Mia remains in the ICU in stable condition. In Mimi's words, "The doctors don't really change much from day to day. They just want to keep her stable and keep food going through her intestines." She is on medication to keep her heart pumping and she still receives some breathing assistance but she is hanging in there. Thank you for everyone's continued support and prayers.
Mia, Big Sister and Mommy
Mia all wrapped up
Big Brother sharing the love


Jer or Stef said...

Everyone is looking very good!

Kim said...

She is so beautiful & I have to say that this Truly broke my heart to hear about your little girl. I couldn't emagine what your family is going through! My love & prayers are with your family! God Bless to you.