Saturday, December 13, 2008

A picture of Mia at home!!

Mia has been home for a week now. I've heard it's been quite an interesting week. Adjusting to meds and feeds and appointments back at Children's on Mon, Weds and Friday and then a visit to the ER Thurs night. Mia was just constipated (which is what her mommy suspected) but to be safe her doctors wanted her to go in. As soon as they got to the hospital she let it all out, soaking her car seat and of course her clothes. Thankfully that was all it was and she got to go home again! Here's Mia with her grandma (Mimi's mother). She is an amazing woman who has given so much support to Mimi and her family through this difficult time! I love Mia's chubby cheeks in this picture. It looks like her hair (that had been shaved for a previous IV) is starting to grow in also. The McDonald family is enjoying their time at home and have said they can't seem to put Mia down! What a wonderful gift for them to be all together again!


Abbie said...

How wonderful! I'm so happy for them!

Lindsay Dean said...

Those cheeks are the best! So special to all be at home.....what a blessing! Praying for you always~
Suzie and Lindsay