Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Blog Face-lift, A Mia Update, A New Giveaway, And A News Interview!!!

A HUGE THANKS to LeeLou Blogs for the adorable facelift Mia's blog was given! It's super cute and totally customized for Mia. Feel free to checkout http://www.leeloublogs.blogspot.com/ to see all her great stuff!
Update time: well everyone's favorite little Mia continues to grow and smile. She continues to progress and we are so excited that she gets to go home to her family on Friday!!!!! Can you believe it? One sad note, she failed her suck/swallow test which means she will have to have her feeding tube for about 8 weeks longer, no bottle or nursing! :( All in all though she is doing great! Her mom, Mimi passed her medication quiz which means they are confident she can handle all of baby Mia's meds (sad that there are so many meds she has to be quized, in time hopefully some of the meds will cease to be needed)! Mia is happy though and interactive and I know she'll love being home!Another amazing gal has offered up her talents with a quilt giveaway. Not only is it a quilt giveaway but a baby bjorn cover and a crayon roll-up giveaway. Click below for more info!

Lastly, KOMO 4 news is doing a followup interview that we belive will be aired today, Tuesday the 2nd at 5pm! Mia will actually get to be in the interview this time too so you can see her live instead of just in pictures!


Abbie said...

I love the new look!! Very classy. And I couldn't be happier that she is going home!!

Rachel said...

Love the blog and can I say "OH MY GOSH"!!! She gets to go home! yeah!

Way to go MIA!!!!!!

The Eggett Family said...

Be sure and post the link so that we can all see the news interview. I'm just amazed with this little girl - she is a hero, no doubt. I love the new blog look too.

debbie said...

Im so happy for Mia and her family that she will finally be able to go home and be with her family after such along time.

Lindsay Dean said...

Just BEAUTIFUL!!! I will be thinking of all of you on Friday and what a wonderful day that it will be! God is sooooo good!
Have a safe trip home!
Love, Suzie and Lindsay

PS MIMI: I think you asked about Lindsay's listing category...1A!!