Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mia Update!!

As you know Mia made it out of ICU and what a different world that is. Mia's mom was hoping she might be lucky enough to go home for Thanksgiving, even if just for a few hours but Mia's transplant cardiologist said today "probably not." Mia's heart rate has been higher than usual and her breathing has been faster and more erratic. They don't know for sure why her vitals are a little off from before but are thinking it will just take some adjusting and tweaking of certain things. Her cardiologist mentioned that maybe her body being off the milirinone is just trying to adjust and her immune suppresant drug level is now really low, previously had been very high so hopefully that will balance out soon too. The doctors have said there will probably be many things (i.e. meds and stuff) changed and adjusted as she grows and they learn how she responds to them. We are thankful for how far she has come and the progress she has made thus far as it truly is remarkable and we pray everything will level out and be just right very soon so she may be home with her family! I had the honor of holding her today and "babysitting" her while her mom, Mimi was able to go view and hold her native heart! Amazing huh! Holding her was heavenly even though I don't think she enjoyed me quite as much as she enjoys her momma holding her! :) I still thought it was wonderful as I had not held her since before she was intubated! All in all Mia is doing pretty well which is nothingless than we expected as we all know what a fighter she is! Not too much longer and she'll be fighting with her brother and sister at home! :)


Stephanie M Larsen said...

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curly girl said...

I'm wondering what Mimi thought about seeing Mia's native heart? It chokes me up just thinking about it! She looks GREAT!


Gosh, how do you even begin to comprehend it all?