Friday, November 14, 2008

Breathing on her own

Well Mia was finally extubated this afternoon after at least a month of continually having a tube down her throat or nose! She is breathing on her own and loving it I'm sure. Previously, it was always sad to see that Mia was crying but not be able to hear her. I haven't heard her yet, but her mommy says it is the sweetest, tiniest little sound! Her mom and dad haven't been able to hold her yet but hopefully that will change tomorrow! Mia is obviously still on a lot of medication. Apparently at one point the nurses were telling Mimi (Mia's mommy) how they call her a rockstar. Mimi thought it was because she was so well loved or strong, but then realized it was because of all the drugs she can tolerate! Everyday she is healing a little more though and before long these last 4 months will be a fading memory as she settles into a routine at home with her loving family! Here is a picture of two of the heroic men that helped Mia get to where she is today. These are the two surgeons that performed Mia's heart transplant! What amazing doctors they must be with such incredible knowledge! We will forever be grateful to them and all the other doctors and nurses like them that save people's lives and give them another chance at life!
One last thing...the bracelet/flower hair clip giveaway ended yesterday and I just wanted to Congratulate the winner, Chris! I hope your granddaughter enjoys the bracelet and clip!
Thank you to everyone who entered and for everyone's continued support! Everyone's thoughts, comments and prayers have been life changing to The McDonald Family as well as to everyone else involved!


Lindsay Dean said...

God is sooooo good!!! The picure without her vent is WONDERFUL!!!!! Paraying for improvement everyday!
Love, The Dean's

Hope said...

I usually lurk, but I wanted to say that I'm praying for Mia and her family. This is great news today, breathing on her own!