Friday, November 21, 2008

Her Smile Gets Better and Better!!!

We all know how amazing Mia is and if you hadn't seen her before her transplant she is like a whole different baby! Everyday I am in awe at the progress she is making! She is smiling up a storm, has had all her lines removed so all that remains is her feeding tube! She has gotten to drink from a bottle twice and loved it and gets to wear clothes now, be held all the time and the list goes on!She hasn't been able to be completely weaned from the milrinone which means no moving to the floor today, but once she does she will literally be home in no time at all!
This little baby is gettting so big and has so much strength and fight her in! It will be wonderful to watch the amazing things she does in the coming years!


Trevor and Shannon said...

that is such exciting news. Way to go Mia, you are such a sweet girl!

Elle said...

I don't know you or this baby, but I love her, and pray for the best. I have a little Mia of my own that went through struggles of being born 3 months early. I can only imagine what these parents are going through.