Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Giveaways!

Everyone is catching the giveaway buzz....including myself. I think sometimes it takes someone else having a good idea to get the ball rolling!

Some of you know I make flower hair clips for my daughters and friends (i.e. like the one's Mia wears) and bracelets and have decided to have a giveaway for these. This giveaway will be for one flower clip and one bracelet (shown in pics) all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post with your email address and donate at least $1 (obviously more if you are able)!

Next Thursday, Nov 13th I will enter everyone's name and draw a winner. I will contact you by email but if you don't feel comfortable leaving your email in the comment section please email me at

Beaded heart and clear crystals with heart toggle clasp

(I will customize this for whatever size wrist you want)

Pink silk flower with pink rhinestone center placed on a ribbon lined alligator clip

Anyone that is interested please enter and continue to spread the word about Mia!

Everyone has been so touched by Mia's story and the next giveaway sponsor er is no different. This giveaway is being done from a nice gal, Nichole who does not even personally know John and Mimi. How kind is that! She makes holiday decorative banners and adorable tutu's that she will be selling and donating to Mia's fund. If you are interested please click here for more information


Cairns said...

Your family is in our prayers.

Stephanie M Larsen said...

Hooray for the giveaway bug!! I love it! And, that bracelet is darling! I donated again to be entered in the giveaway. I think that will be the key is for every giveaway to donate again, even if you already have. Imagine if in the end we get a few thousand entries into the giveaway pool, and everyone even did a dollar that would be a few thousand dollars. I hope everyone just keeps re-donating!

Katie said...

Love the giveaways! I redonated and love the bracelet and hair clip! What a great reason to give :)

TripleM said...

Can I buy some of the bracelets without being put in a drawing for a freebie?

email me at


Kim said...

I just heard Mia's story today and it really touched my heart. She is in my prayers.

Woodards said...

I am interested in doing a giveaway for her. Please contact me at

Chris said...

I am donating today. My email is
Thanks to Kim for sending us to this site. Hope all goes well for little Mia and her family.

Linda said...

This story really tugs at my heart. Mia and your family are in our prayers. I just made a donation. I pray everything goes well with Baby Mia. She is adorable!

Lisa said...

Baby Mia is such a little fighter! I am amazed at her strength and will to survive! Will be making a donation tonite! I LOVE those adorable hair clips!
Lisa -

Liz said...
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