Saturday, November 22, 2008

Run-A-Thon Fundraiser

Thanks to Dane and Mike for their bike-a-thon efforts and to everyone who supported them to benefit Mia! Another thanks to all who bid on auction items! Everyone has been so amazing in their support and love of little Mia. We have another exciting fundraiser coming up next week. A sweet gal, Abbie has decided to do a run-a-thon and people can donate or make pledges based on how many miles she runs! For more information please click here! Thanks again to all the wonderful people out there!
Mia update: She is sadly still in the ICU. A few hours before she was supposed to move to the floor she spiked a fever so she had to stay. Her line is not working properly and they decided to put her back on the milrinone so she had to have an IV inserted in her scalp. Poor baby! Hopefully very soon these days will be behind her! Other than all that though she is doing great!

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